Me:  Stay in your bed, or no Peppa in the morning.

Coo: Wellllll then, I will just watch Mickey.

Me:  You have to obey.

Coo: I want an obey, Mommy.  I want an obey!!  Give me an obey!!

Coo:  Baby sissy and I are married, Mommy.  We are married.

Coo:  When I was your age, and you were my age, I use to rock you like a little baby.

Coo:  Mommy, that is a beautiful green dress.  You look magnificient.  Mommy, you gotta baby in your tummy?

Me:  Um, no.

Coo:  This is how you be a stylish girl, Mommy.  I look soooo beautiful.

Old friend we run into at the store:  Ya’ll should come over and play sometime soon.

Coo: Yeah we should we should.  Well, what kind of toys do you have?  You gotta trampoline?

Coo:  When I am big like you, I will be a Mommy, and then there will be two mommies.  AND I WILL GET TO WEAR GLASSES AND A RETAINER LIKE YOU!!!!!!

Coo:  You be Ana, Mommy.  And I’ll be, Elsa.  You be Ana. You be Ana.  I’m going to ask one more time and then you are going to time out.

Coo:  Only boys have outies, Mommy.

Coo:  God made me, Mommy.  He made me in my

Me:  “I have a question for you.’
Coo:  “I want question.  I want a question.  To eat.  In my mouth.”

Coo: “Mommy, who is God’s mommy?”

Coo: “Mommy, I was calling and calling and calling for you.  It was very important that you come quickly.”

Coo:  I have a boo boo, Mommy, right here, right here.
Me: On your forehead?
Coo:  No, on my five six head.

Coo:  Don’t do that, baby sissy, I done told you.
Me: What did you say?
Coo:  I said I done told her, Mommy.  I done told her.